Complete protection from the negative effects of electrosmog – with memon

Harmonizing the effects of radiation exposure with improvements in air and water quality

The memon-effect on electrosmog due to mobile phone radiation

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Description from left: In normal circumstances, the red blood cells move around freely (image, left). After about five minutes, the flow speed of the blood worsens due to the so-called “rouleaux formation” effect” (image, centre). After five minutes of telephoning with the memonizerMOBILE, the blood circulation return to normal.

Here you can see how the memonizerMOBILE effectively protects from the negative effects of high-frequency radiation (electrosmog).

Proactive protection for you and your loved ones

Is electrosmog harmful? – We believe so! The cell-damaging effect is constantly being confirmed by new studies.

Understandably there are many questions. Here are some that are more frequently asked:

  • Why don’t I feel anything if electrosmog damages the cells?
  • Why don’t conventional doctors and the legislature take action?
  • How can I protect myself without having to limit my usage of modern technology – including at home?

You can get the answers and solutions from us:

You are probably aware that almost everyone reacts to stress in different ways. Some people tend to forget to eat, while others eat much more than usual. People also react to stress from EMFs (electromagnetic fields) differently as well; whether sooner or later, mild or more intense. As you probably heard repeatedly from your dentist, if there is already a cavity, then it’s too late and more brushing won’t help. There is, however, a silver lining. Since the effects of EMFs and electrosmog have already been studied and published, you have the option of making the protection from electrosmog in your own home a preventative issue.

It’s no longer a matter of doubting whether electrosmog could really represent a risk to your well-being, but of discovering the possibilities to protect yourselves and your loved ones from the negative effects of electrosmog!

>> How does memon work? …

Discover how memon has already helped numerous people protect themselves and their loved ones, and how you can use memon yourself.

„I had been looking for a solution to protect my family for a long time and finally I discovered what I needed with memon. We now enjoy the best water, uniquely fresh air and we sleep much better at night.“

Beate Dibbernnatural health practitioner

„I wanted to know how to install a memonizerCAR like this in my car. Before installing, it was made impressively clear to me with the aid of dark field microscopy how my blood count looks both with and without memonizerCAR.“

Thomas JakobTESLA driver

„In competitive sport you need to use the body’s resources economically. The protection offered to me by memon helps me to feel good and regenerate more quickly.“

Niki HospAustrian ski champion

„Thanks to the memonizerMOBILE, I was able to have very positive improvements. Also the memonizerBODY gives me security and relaxation. This is great.“

Kathrin ZettelAustrian ski champion

„I use memon for my business premises and private spaces. Thanks to memon, I have found a little more quality of life every day. As the wonderful saying goes: Be the change you wish to see in the world!“

Jörg Löhrsuccess coach

“Ever since I installed the memonizerCAR, I also enjoy clearer, fresher air and I am still alert after six or seven hours of driving.”

Alois SonnenhuberAlm-Coach and operator of BaumoosAlm, Oberaudorf

„Manufacturing healthy and clean products gives me a good feeling. We use memon technology in our winery because it protects our wines from negative environmental influences, all the way from ripening to storage.“

Helmut Maglockowner of Weingut Maglock

How people use memon and protect themselves from electrosmog

Fall asleep more easily
Sleep better through the night
Wake up more refreshed

Stimulate biological regeneration through more refreshing sleep

Holistic protection during sleep through a natural room climate

Refreshing sleep is the foundation for a healthy, energised life

Retaining your sense of balance is important for health and personal well-being. If your sleep quality is poor over a longer timeframe, you become more susceptible to the effects of stress – on many different levels.

But even people who have already completely sealed off their bedrooms from their electric circuit are unprotected against external influences. Particularly in rented apartments, you can be lying with your head “upon the W-LAN router of your neighbour”.

The memonizerCOMBI thereby creates a natural, harmonised room climate that protects you from the negative effects of low-frequency fields and high-frequency radiation (inside and outside).

Protection in your child’s room

Using technology from memon to better protect your children

Holistic protection for children

Doing homework using tablets or computers is becoming more common – technological progress is becoming unstoppable. On the other hand, sending children to school without Powerpoint presentation, or putting an aluminium hat on their heads, is also not a solution.

As such, it’s a good idea to equip your children, devices and rooms with memon technology in order to create a balanced room climate that protects them from the effects of electrosmog and EMFs, regardless whether at home or away.

Recommended products include:

  • memonizerMOBILE
  • memonizerWIRELESS
  • memonizerCOMBI
  • memonizerBODY

More concentrated while travelling
More relaxed after arriving

Memon „to go“ for drivers, commuters, pilots and globetrotters

Professional drivers, bus drivers and pilots love memon

memon – a sensible companion in road traffic

Transporting people around is a job with one of the highest levels of responsibility and stress.

The maxim „time is money“ persists with increased travel stress and number of cars on the road.

Added to this is the negative impact, which has been extremely underestimated until now, increased radiation and electrosmog pollution in

  • Cars, taxis
  • Lorries
  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Planes

Even now the first bus companies are deciding to install memon technology in their vehicles.

Protected en route – alone or with the family

“Are we there yet?”…

When they’ve become bored of the classic travel games in the car or train, modern technology is increasingly used on long journeys to keep the kids amused, such as:

  • Game consoles
  • Smartphones / tablets
  • DVDs

However this increases the exposure to electrosmog pollution. Even while being distracted, the body is still being exposed to the various sources and levels of electrosmog

Anyone who travels with children should therefore equip their car with the memonizerCAR and also ensure that everyone on board wears the memonizerBODY. This means that everyone is protected, even outside during breaks.

You will be doing the other passengers a favor if you also equip your other devices, such as cell phones or tablets, with the memonizerMOBILE and/or memonizerWIRELESS.

Arrive safely – at the office, at your clients and at home...

After just one hour in the train, are commuters affected for the rest of the day?

It’s not your fault, and coffee can’t help you either, if you feel exhausted and tired after travelling to the office for one hour by train, because the flow of your blood has been reduced by electrosmog. That might be why you don’t feel as fit and alert as usual!

It is very similar when traveling with cars, busses or planes!

If you want to arrive safely with the transportation method of your choice, then the memonizerBODY in combination with the memonizerMOBILE or memonizerWIRELESS is your perfect and stylish “bodyguard” when you are travelling!

“My passengers trust me to bring them safely to their travel destination. When flying or in transit, I trust in my memonizerBODY.”

Klaus Schollerprofessional pilot

Take control of the quality of your air and drinking water

Thanks to the protection that the memon technology offers, you and your children are protected, even if you sometimes work longer than planned on your PC or tablet…

But memon has an effect far beyond the harmonization of EMFs and electrosmog:

  • By harmonising your local energy fields, you improve your vitality and quality of life
  • People who live in “memonized” rooms continually report that they interact with others in a more relaxed, harmonious way
  • The unexplained causes of uneasiness and annoyances often disappear after a few days

memon has even more effects which act positively on your state of well-being:

  • Pollution through fine particulate matter in the breathable air of the rooms is significantly reduced, improving breathing for everyone, not just allergetics
  • The negative effects of geopathogenic disturbances are neutralised
  • Tap water becomes more pleasant to drink

RENATURE YOUR LIFE – Experience a new quality of life through holistic protection and harmonious balance.

More relaxed and
creative at work

A better sense of well-being and creativity

Work more easily

How memon helps to harmonise your workplace

From this moment on, you will only want to work in a “memonized” workplace:

If your workplace is harmonised with memon,

  • you will find it easier to keep a cool head when things are hectic
  • you will find that creative solutions come more easily
  • better attention to your workload and tasks

Even discover a more harmonized workling relationship with your colleagues

And in the evening, you will find yourself more energized and open for meeting friends or finally getting back into your gym routine.

Naturally protected and stylishly equipped with your memonizerBODY.

Sport, Hobbies
and Enjoyment

Stamina, power and satisfaction

World championship regeneration at a brisk tempo

World champions in skiing and biathlon ascribe their successes with help from memon

Those who can recover faster, and sooner fit for repetitive competition. Memon helps the body recover faster, so that your performance do not decrease.

The Austrian Ski Association and other professional athletes achieve thier goals faster with support from memon.

Highest exposure is mostly found on the racetrack

In order to evaluate the effects of memon technology, not only subjectively but also scientifically with blood tests, Joachim Stuck and his sons underwent intensive physical tests under medical supervision during their last participation in a 24-hour race.

You can read the feedback from Joachim Stuck here.

Quality medal for memonized wine

Full appreciation for a rounded and natural wine

The Maglock Vineyard has received the first gold medal for memonized wine in 2016:

The only gold medal for a rosé wine in the German-speaking countries.

Competing against 1,200 other wines from 28 countries (primarily France and Spain), the wine by Helmut Maglock successfully held its own.

Further winemakers report that the wine isolates itself, with a cork or mushroom closure, from foreign smells. There is another practical side effect that many winemakers value – cleaning the barrels is significantly quicker and more thorough.

How does memon technology function?

Resonance and polarity are determining factors in our lives. memon technology uses these natural foundations to create a harmonized environment.

It is thereby necessary to protect your cells and their vitality from the effects of high-frequency radiation (electrosmog).

memon technology is able to transfer information on mediums such as power (lines), heating circuits or water so that as well as harmonising the medium itself, such as the electricity network, a treatment area also established in the rooms.

In this way, rooms are returned to their “natural balance” – which is visible, among other things, by the shifting of air ions into back into natural levels and in the reduction of fine particulate matter in breathable air.